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General Information

History of Stone Carving
Safety for the Stone Carver


Stone Sculptor Sites

Northwest Stone Sculptors Association (NWSSA)
About Stone

International Sculpture Centre


Suppliers of Stone

Neolithic Stone
Gian Carlo Stoneworks
Northwest Landscape Supply

Stone Sculpture Tool Suppliers

Pothier Enterprises
Neolithic Stone
Apollo Stone Art


Safety Equipment (Eye Goggles, Ear Plugs, Dust Masks, Gloves)

Ergo-Tech (Anti-Vibration Gloves)
Canadian Tire, Rona and Home Depot (Basic Safety Equipment)

Stone Sculptor Associations & Other Arts Websites

Northwest Stone Sculptors Association (NWSSA)
East Side Crawl Society
Galleries West
Alliance for Arts and Culture

Stone Sculpture Books

Sculpture in Stone, Cami Santamera, 2001, ISN 0-7641-5424-9
Contemporary Stone Sculpture, Dona Z. Meilach, 1970, ISBN 0-88740-089-2
Direct Stone Sculpture, A Guide to Technique and Creativity, Milt Liebson, 2001, ISBN 9780 887 403 057

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